So, I Upgraded to 1Password 8

The reason I did, and why you might consider doing the same

Tim King
4 min readOct 18, 2021


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Back on August 18 I wrote an article about the next version of 1Password.

In that article I talked about my journey from encrypted spreadsheets, to using KeePass, to eventually biting the bullet to purchase into 1Password and falling in love with it.

I also talk about how the move from 1Password 7 to the ground-up redeveloped 1Password 8 beta was a move in a direction that angered a lot of existing users.

Gone was the native app, in it’s place is an electron-based UI which didn’t feel quite right.

No longer could we have iCloud or Dropbox synced offline password vaults as the entire model has changed to purely online.

Finally, we long-term 1Password customers who preferred a lifetime payment for the software were up in arms as we were being forced into an annual subscription. Just like we’d suffered with other software offerings we had come to rely on daily.

We were being asked to pay a fee for fewer features, a non-native app, and a forever subscription.

My fellow customers and I felt betrayed, even angry.

Here was the one company we thought would never do this to us. Our last bastion of hope dashed on the rocks of subscription fees and popular software practices.

The most surprising thing about that article?


Today marks my first day as a newly minted 1Password subscriber.

The Broken Promise

I was so against this change that for the past two months I’ve downloaded and evaluated around ten other tools. All to see what I might have been missing while 1Password had pulled the rug out from under me.

But while I was looking at the competitors, I forgot one simple truth:

Agile Bits isn’t in the game to charge customers for half-baked software, on the contrary, their software has always been excellent—tested, reliable, and affordable.



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